Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bloodfeast rocked!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Bloodfeast on Saturday night!

I saw so many people who I wanted to say hi to and dance with...and then it seemed like...*boom*, the night was over, and I never got the chance to. The night went by too quickly.

Here's one of the many highlights of the evening. I shot this video from the DJ booth, during the amazing performance by [:angeldustrial:].

In this particular clip, you'll see Sarah shoving the guy who randomly wandered up on stage and rudely attempted to interrupt their show.

(You'll also hear me saying something like, "What the hell - who is that?" and see that I momentarily lost my steady hand, and accidentally panned away from the stage :-( ...and, as a result, I missed the moments when Bobby and Andy swiftly sprung into action and pulled the rude guy down to the floor.)

More videos to come. I'm going through the footage, and I'll be posting more soon....stay tuned.


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