Friday, February 24, 2006

The Bathroom at the Middle East Nightclub.

Last weekend I saw my cousin's band play upstairs at the Middle East in Cambridge. I shot video of the show, which I'll post later. I also brought my camcorder into the bathroom with me, and took a bit of footage --
I dig the graffiti inside the club's bathrooms.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Mysterious Ditch.

I work out of a news bureau in the 'burbs. We have a lot of woods around our little office building, and some nice walking paths. One day, one of my colleagues was walking around there and noticed a very large hole in the ground, back there in the woods. We don't know who dug this ditch - or why they would bother - but this hole keeps getting bigger. Very strange.

Whenever anyone goes back there, Sandy (who sits in the cube next to me) warns them not to go and jokes that they'll never come back.

Click here to watch video footage of.... The Mysterious Ditch

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Packin' Heat...

well...I shot a few rounds tonight.
The Second Amendment Sisters held a Valentine's Weekend shoot and potluck dinner at the Boston Gun & Rifle Association in Dorchester.

Hard to believe, but this gun range is only a few blocks away from my house...tucked away on a side street next to the Fields CornerMBTA train station, right here in the middle of my 'hood.

I had no idea it existed, until these Sisters showed me the place. They're a great bunch, they've showed me the ropes of handling firearms. I also took a gun safety class there...I want to take the full course very soon.