Saturday, June 10, 2006

Google Earth rocks...

I made a new video....I figured out how to get aerial footage!

I used Google Earth to fly around downtown Boston, over Dorchester, and then to the news bureau in Hanover, Mass., where I work.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

citizen journalist/filmmakers in action

J.D. Lasica writes about TurnHere, a cool site that's like a video tour guide.

Videobloggers and filmmakers can submit these little videos about a particluar neighborhood or place, and they get paid for 'em...pretty cool idea.

...they have wicked short films about all kindsa places, and Boston is one of 'em... take a look...

so far they have films about Boston dive bars, JP, Allston, Somerville, Inman Square...


this video is go girl

my friend (and fellow journalist) Jeannie Greeley fearlessly goes where no reporter has gone before....

she tries out for the New England Patriots cheerleading squad....and her hilarious audition is documented on film.

you can read her story in Bay Windows, and check out the video online here. it's hysterical....