Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Unexpected Visitor in the Newsroom

...yesterday Carolyn mentioned she had never held a baby before. I said I had never actually held a baby either.
So our fellow reporters decided that we needed some experience.

Click here to see Carolyn holding the little tot for the first time....

....too cute!


Bret said...

Hi Emily,

I like your video blog. I linked to it from my blog.

I also saw this article from Wired that said women aren't podcasting in big numbers yet; that makes you a trailblazer.

- Bret

November 16, 2005
Wired: Women aren't podcasting

Wired News reports that just 15 percent of the 2,000 attendees were women at the first trade podcasting tradeshow, the Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference.
"Any of these new, cool mediums tend to attract guys at first," ((male!) president of Women in Technology International David Leighton) said. "Right now, it's technology for technology's sake. Once we see more practical uses, we'll start seeing more women. It was that way with the internet and e-mail usage, too."

Some startling statistics reported at the conference bore out this suggestion. Leo LaPorte, host of one of the most popular podcasts, This Week in Tech, said in a keynote address that his audience is 97 percent male, according to market research. Yahoo senior product manager Joe Hayashi said 85 percent of folks who use the search engine's recently released podcast directory are men.

There are successful female-hosted podcasts out there, like Gretchen Vogelzang and Paige Heninger's MommyCast show, which landed a one-year sponsorship from paper-goods maker Dixie, and got mentions in Variety and Hollywood Reporter for their interview with the filmmakers of March of the Penguins. Wired says women podcasters have more privacy concerns than men:
Many balk at giving out their full names for fear of being stalked. The co-hosts of The Tipsy Chicks, a Minneapolis-based podcast, halted their show for a few weeks last month, in fact, because they received menacing e-mails from a male listener who told them he knew where they lived and worked.

Emily Sweeney said...

yo bret! how are ya?
sorry for such a delayed response...
I'm a master of LiveJournal but I'm still figuring out Blogger and its comment system. I wonder if you will receive this...

- Em